Accept Grief, Adapt after Loss

We grieve to adapt to a loss and the resulting changes.

Grief counseling and coaching for bereavement works with a deep respect for the individual griever's journey.

Im Trauer-Management in Unternehmen und als Trauer-Coaching bei for individuals


Coaching Petra Meyer

♦ As a coach and grief counselor, I support you with confidence and empathy to work through changes — especially the unwanted ones.

♦ Backed by 20 years worth of experience in organizations, I quickly find my way around your organization.

I look forward to meeting you!


Grief often comes unexpected. It is unfamiliar and results in stress. For many grieving people, coping after loss seems unbearable. 

Support for bereaved persons– until the grief is bearable .

Coaching leaders so they can meet the needs grieving employees and teams .

Preparing action plans with HR experts - hoping that the worst case never happens.

Blog Articles

Mitarbeiter verstirbt Schmuckbild

Loss and bereavement in organizations (English articles)

What to do when an employee dies? A series of articles with tips on what to do and how to communicate successfully.

Bild für Resilienz: Blume wächst aus einer Steinmauer

Resilience: What is it and can I learn it? (German article)

Resilience can lead to growth. Some people seem to be able to cope well with a difficult event. Can this be learned?

grüne Hinweisschilder in Botanischem Garten, zeigen verschiedene Ziele in allen vier Himmelsrichtungen

[DE] Towards Your Goal - Pivotal in Coaching

"If you don't have a goal, you can't achieve one," says Lao Tse. What is the magic behind goals?

Hand hält weißen Kopfhörer vor grauem Hintergrund, Titelbild für Podcastfolge Trauer am Arbeitsplatz

Podcast on Grief in the Workplace (German article)

What can bereaved people expect from their employers and colleagues? And what can organizations do as employers? Podcast in German

Schmuckbild Wellen zum Blogartikel Trauer: verläuft in Wellen statt Phasen

Understanding grief: waves, not phases (German article)

The so-called “stages of grief” are still in use to explain the process of grieving. However, there are more appropriate models that put less pressure on the bereaved.


All German Blog Articles

I am currently working on English translations of my blog articles. Find the overview here, in EN + DE

What You Can Expect from Me


Accomplish more in less time with solution-focussed questions


More than 15 years experience in tech & IT companies


Respect for whatever you bring and the patience to let you work through it at your own pace

Vibrant in Grief

Expect an open mind for emotions, and the confidence that you will find your solution

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