Petra Meyer

Both Feet on the Ground

My coaching and grief counseling are guided by respect for and heart-felt interest in the person in the other chair.

As content expert, I love to address a target group's fascination for their B2B topic.


in Organizations + for Individuals

Grief Management

in Organizations

  • Workshops in Organizations
  • Grief management and coaching for HR, team leads etc.

Volunteer in grief counseling

at Verwaiste Eltern und trauernde Geschwister München e.V.:

  • Training as Grief Counseler at Caritas and Verwaiste Eltern Munich
  • Group facilitation and grief counseling in acute cases
  • Workshops for other volunteers
  • 2023: member of association's board (volunteer)

What You Can Expect from Me

Respectful Coaching and Counseling

As a solution-focused coach, I work in the understanding that my clients already carry the solutions to their problems within them. It is my job to strengthen the client's ability to find them. For me, this is the deepest form of respect.

Drawing on prior experiences, known strengths, deep wishes and reliable support from the environment: My clients re-learn to rely on their resources .

Differences show a first step towards a better future. I use both as powerful engines for the changes that my clients desire.

Coaching in German or English, f2f or remote.

Tackle Your Grief

Your grief needs space and a place. You can benefit from my grief counseling,

  • if there is no room for grief in your stressful everyday life.
  • if you want to work through an older loss.
  • if you are dealing with challenges due to or in addition to your loss you do not feel able to cope with alone.

Are We a Match?

Got curious? Then find out if the chemistry works.

I look forward to meeting you!

Coaching Petra Meyer

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