Grief Counseling and Coaching

"In the middle of winter, I discovered in myself an invincible summer."

— Albert Camus

Your grief needs space and a place. You can benefit from my grief counseling,

  • if there is no room for grief in your stressful everyday life.
  • if you want to work through an older loss.
  • if you are dealing with challenges due to or in addition to your loss you do not feel able to cope with alone.
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Grief Counseling

You don't find a place for grieving in everyday life, and you don't feel comfortable in a group? I support you in your mourning process:

You learn to acknowledge your grief in all its facets.
You develop rituals and find a form for your farewell. You will learn to harness the power of change.

You set the pace. I will guide you through the process with empathy and experience.

Grüner Zweig im Frühling mit Schnee, Bild für Resilienz, überleben, Neuanfang, Trauer, mit Trauer leben lernen

Grief Coaching

In addition to your grief, you have to cope with many challenges in your family or at work. Maybe even too many?

In a grief-related coaching, you will work in just a few sessions on solutions for the additional challenges that are useful for your everyday life.

Your grief will have the space it needs so you can manage your life.

Your Trust is the Foundation

The chemistry has to work. Do you trust and like me? Are comfortable confiding in me? Do you feel respected? Do you have the impression that your concerns are taken seriously? Learn more about me:

Me as a Coach

You bring the topic and set the pace in our conversations. I do my best to ask helpful and effective questions.

My Experience

My path into grief counseling, coaching, my strengths and qualifications. In short: about me

Petra Meyer kennenlernen, Coach, Trauerbegleiterin, München und deutschlandweit mit Zoom
Petra Meyer Coach, Trauerbegleiterin, Grief Counseling München

Get to Know Me

You will know after a few minutes whether you want to work with me. Arrange a Zoom pr phone call.

My Strongest Belief

People carry the solution to their problems within themselves. And people can grieve. Read more in my coaching profile on Xing (German).

Find Strength for your Journey

As human beings, we can grieve. And we don't have to go through it alone.

In individual grief counseling, your grief is seen and heard. You will find a protected space where your mourning is allowed to be. And you will find ways to deal with it.

In coaching, you will work on solutions for the issues that are adding to your stress.

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